Walk 1 Mile A Day Challenge

30 days in a row. Feel Better. Win Prizes.


Walk 1 Mile A Day Challenge

30 days in a row. Feel Better. Win Prizes.

A social challenge designed to:




Starts August 16, 2021 and the goal is simple:

Walk 1 mile per day for
30 days in a row

Post your walk
in the members area for accountability

By the end you will
have walked 30 miles

Prizes for those
who complete and post regularly!


The big promise

At the end of these short thirty days, you will be a different person. Yes, you will likely lose weight and get fitter. But the important change will be the development of a new good habit.

Developing habits is hard, it takes consistency and commitment to a distant reward, but in 30 days you’ll have a new habit:

You’ll become someone who walks every day.

And from there where will you go? What other habits do you think you could stack on top of walking every day? Will it be easier then than it is today? Yes, most certainly.

This challenge is a gateway to an entirely new YOU.

Win Prizes

The true reward is the accomplishment you’ll feel when you complete the challenge, but we want to crank up the motivation even more -- and what motivates better than prizes?

The members that are the most committed, most engaged and can prove that they walked 1 mile every day will win prizes:

First Place

$250 Cash

Second Place

1 Year Supply BariLife Vitamins

Third Place

5 Day Pouch Reset Bundle

What happens
after I sign up?

  • You’ll receive an invite to our private members area
  • Introduce yourself
  • We'll email you specific instructions on how to maximize the next 30 days.
  • Network in the members area and meet others (or alone is fine too)

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